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7 ways gift cards for your business
outperform other marketing strategies

1. Greater perceived value

Unlike coupons which is hard to relate with, a gift card makes consumers feel like they have money to spend immediately. Plus, over 50% of consumers using a gift card will return to use the remaining card value (deplete their card), providing additional upsell opportunities.

2. Doesn’t cut into profits
3. Generate revenue in advance of sales
4. Builds brand awareness
5. More convenient
6. Additional promotional opportunities
7. Greater distribution

Mid 2018

Partner Selection

Preferential partner selection

Mid 2018

Late 2018

Preferential Seller selection

Preferential seller selection

End 2018

Lunch Party

Lunch market place - United Kindgom

End 2018

A market place for gift cards and vouchers, we have visitors looking to spend money in your shop or business

Business accounts that make Marketing sense

Limited per-registration
  • Fast and free listing search
  • Buy gifts without a fee
  • Select from a wide choice of retailers
  • Request your favourite retailer service
  • and much much more
£1.00annual membership
Business seller
  • Feature your business to thousands
  • Competitive fees on bulk sales
  • Flexible selling options
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • and the list goes on
On request
Private Seller
  • Free listings
  • 5 Free featured items
  • Fast registration
  • Free seller help-desk support
  • and much much more
£5.00 annual membership

Feature your business

Product placement

Place your business next to other high street and online retailers

Competitive fees

Competitive fees

We have different fees for small, medium and bulk sellers

Exclusive early access

Exclusive Access

We have a limited number of premium places for early access subscribers, providing advanced marketing options for your business

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

Having someone who understand your business requirements can make all the difference in making a sucessful gift card promotion

Your business is at the heart of our business

Reporting made simple

Reporting made simple

Do you need to know how your place in our market is going, we can tell you via comprehensive reporting and analytics

Flexible selling options

Flexible selling options

Not all retailers work in the same way, we understand if your business needs some extra help

Preferential benefits

Flexible selling options

Flexible and preferential benefits with our service partners

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